Top 5 Yonex Badminton Racket In 2018

Yonex is the most preferable brand for  badminton racket online. Choosing a badminton racket is an essential and profoundly singular choice. To purchase a yonex badminton racket in 2018 you should be all around educated about the highlights, qualities and shortcomings. Remember that the most costly rackets are not neccesarily the best badminton rackets available. In any case the leads of the well known brands like Yonex or Li Ning will help you on court.

Here is the top 5 For buy Yonex Badminton Racket online :

Voltric Z-Force II Badminton Racket

The Voltric arrangement of Yonex badminton rackets offers brilliant all-around execution. The Voltric Z-Force II includes an extraordinarily thin yet solid shaft with the organization’s Tri-Voltage System, which gives both power and control. Lee Chong Wei is the item’s diplomat, and players trust the streamlined racket head gives them a tad bit of his enchantment contact. This Racket comes in top 5 yonex badminton racket in 2018

Weight : 83 avg.(4U) G4, 88 avg.(3U)

Balanced : Head-heavy

Flex: Extra Stiff

Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket

 The Duora 10 accompanies extraordinary power and speed. This makes it ideal for the assaulting players. It includes legitimate control and mobility in each shot. It has a cutting edge plan and the full dark body with green and orange stripes in its pole and casing adds more to its stylistic theme. The logo on the body likewise looks incredible. This Racket comes in top 5 yonex badminton racket in 2018

Weight :  3U (85-89g unstrung)

Balanced :  Even Balance

Flex:  Stiff

Yonex Astrox 77 Badminton Racket

 Yonex Astrox 77 Badminton Racket s new racket produced for development badminton players with assaulting playing style.nnovative Astrox arrangement which gives best control and help in successful drives, Sharpe cuts and amazing crushes. Astrox 77 is produced on pivot created framework which balanced weight of racket into tree focuses to racket outline best, joint and grasp. This Racket comes in top 5 yonex badminton racket in 2018

Weight :  4U (80-84g unstrung)

Balanced :  Head-heavy

Flex:  Medium

Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket

 We’ve just observed the Arcsaber 10, well, here is the Arcsaber 11 with further developed innovation, power and adaptability. It is a 3U weight 84-89g with a G4 hold estimate and an equalization of 305mm which is ideal for all. It has got weight in the head which permits ground-breaking and exact hitting. This Racket comes in top 5 yonex badminton racket in 2018

Weight :  88 g Ave.(3U), 93 g Ave. (2U)

Balanced :  Even Balanced

Flex:  Stiff

Yonex Carbonex 8000N Badminton Racket

The Carbonex arrangement offers a strong vibe at effect, alongside an adjusted head and square shaped edge cross-area. This enables players to deliver vivacious shots, making the best of their swing for more noteworthy precision. The Carbonex 8000N highlights a graphite outline with a graphite and carbon nanotube shaft for magnificent aversion control. This Racket comes in top 5 yonex badminton racket in 2018.

Weight :  83g Ave. (3U)

Balanced :  Even Balanced

Flex :  Medium

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