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When you plan to shop a cricket bat, there are a lot of troubles in front of us to choose a perfect cricket bat. All the bats are look like same in a first sight.


Some Problem that comes out on time of purchasing :
Which cricket bat is good for my playing style ?
Which cricket bat size is good for us ?
Which willow is best for us ?
Which weight of bat is preferred for my playing style ?

For Solving this queries we have make some simple steps to choose out your perfect Cricket Bat. A Perfect handy Cricket bats helps you to stroke fours and sixes.

Major Factors To Consider When Buying Cricket Bat With Satisfaction!

Go for online shopping of Cricket bats:

Are you in search of Online Cricket Bats? Good decision of course – since if you buy cricket bats online, there are distinctive advantages. From saving you the hassle of roaming from shop to shop, with a board reading “cricket sports equipment available here”, there are number of other advantages as well.  You can sit at your home and browse through online cricket store and outlets in a leisurely pace. Read the descriptions, note down the details, compare and come to an informed decision about various cricket bats online. After this exercise, your inner mind will always have the satisfaction that you only bought the best.

Some Problem that comes out on time of purchasing :

Talking of cricket bats purchase, there are some intricacies. You cannot go online and buy a cricket bat just like that. The reason is  that a cricket bat is the tool for you as a batsman and you need  to make best out of it, when the cricket match is on. So the bat must be 100% suitable for your use, easier and flexible to handle, and you should feel it a best cricket bat for leather ball or whatever variety of ball that is used, depending upon the match concerned. Lack of knowledge on the below areas can create problem for you :

  1. Materials & Manufacturing
  2. Legal Specifications
  3. Design Features
  4. Sizing

You need to have good idea on the above points for a perfect buy.

Which cricket bat is good for my playing style ?

 There are certain major factors you should bear in mind, while you buy cricket bats online. Again these factors will vary according to the shape and structure of the batsman; his style and place of batting order; and even the exact stage of the match where the batsman is called upon to bat. Now let us see what those factors are.

  • Height and size of batsman: First of all the size of the bat is highly important. A small-structured man will find it too difficult to handle a bat that is big in size and vice-versa. Any cricket shop online will surely have tips and guidance published, about the bat sizes and suitability of each bat to the height of the batsman. You can get some idea there, as you know about your body-structure, to buy a cricket bat that is most-suitable.

    cricket bat for bat size
    Cricket Bats according to players Height.
  • Handle of the Bat: Next item is the handle. There are two types – oval and round. The specialty of oval-shaped handle is it is stronger, and can absorb the shock when you hard-hit the ball. The round-shaped handle helps batsmen to lift the ball easily.
  • Weight of Bat: The weight of the bat is an important factor to consider. Heavy weight bats are used to strike the ball with abundance of power. You would have noticed experienced batsmen change for heavy weight bats, usually during the slog overs to fiercely attack the bowling, and score fours and sixes repeatedly. Light weighted bats are opted for by opening batsman often, because they have to meet the new ball and play defensive strokes only. The need for staying for a long-time on the crease is always there, leaving the stroke-play to lower-order batsmen. There is another thing called “Sweet Spot” in every cricket bat. The middle portion between the handle and toe is the normal location of this Sweet Spot. If the batsman uses this spot exactly to strike the ball, he can make the ball fly fiercely, with minimum effort and maximum power.
bat weight according to bat size
Cricket Bat Weight according to Bat size
  • Size of Bat: Size of the cricket bat is an important point of consideration, to make it suitable as per age to enhance performance of batsman. check out below table to select based on age and height:


  • Willow of bat:  English Willow bats are always considered the best for cricket. Based on the quality of the willow used different grades are given to willow:
  • Brand and Model: The brand and model of the bat also have a bearing. If you search for world best cricket bats, you get recommended of the top 10 cricket bats. They are – Kookaburra Kahuna (A.B. De Villiers); Adidas Incurza (Sachin Tendulkar); Gray Nicolls Viper (David Warner); GM Icon (Ross Taylor); SG Gobra select (Suresh Raina); Puma Ballistic (Brenden McCullum) SS Ton GLADIATOR (Kieron Pollard); Kookaburra Angry Beast (Brad Hodge); Reebok Blast (M.S. Dhoni) – best cricket bat english willow; and Spartan CG Authority (Chris Gayle).
  • Price: Price and affordability are also vital factors somewhat. Depending upon your budget, you may like to buy cheap cricket bats online or expensive ones.

Summing up, buying Cricket Bats Online is something that gives you lots of options; and you can exercise those options with prudence.



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