Top 5 Cricket Spikes Shoes For 2019

Top 5 Cricket Spikes Shoes For 2019 – Cricket shoes plays a vital role while playing cricket. Most of the cricket players always prefer cricket spikes shoes because spikes offers them superb grip and flexibility on the field. Cricket is a game that is mainly based on running quickly and increasing the score. If you are able to have a strong grip with your shoes, you can take more runs without facing the risk of falling and failing.
Whenever a professional cricket player bought cricket shoes it only focus on some of the key features in the shoe- First high quality upper material, Material for upper should be PU (polyethylene) or Microfiber or High quality Synthetic Material. PU is a light weight material looks like leather which provides durability for rough uses like grass cricket ground and outsole if his choice is spike then he or she will pick out fully spikes cricket shoes

In this Blog, We will tell you about Top 5 Cricket Spikes Shoes for 2019 which would be best for you in this year if you are a cricket player.

Nike Domain 2 Spike Cricket Shoes

Nike Domain 2 is the first choice of every cricket players at very low. This shoe offers lightweight cushioning and superb grip on the field with a pylon mid sole and durable full-length plate with 11 metal studs for superb traction. Its upper part made with synthetic leather which delivers superb comfort and flexibility. Nike Domain 2 Spike Cricket shoes are made in Vietnam. This Nike Domain 2 Cricket Shoes are comes in Top 5 Cricket Spikes Shoes for 2019


Puma Team Full Spike Il Cricket Shoes

Puma has recently launched this Puma Team Full Spike Il Cricket Shoes model which is fully spike cricket shoes with a superb color, look and delivers extra comfort, flexibility and durability to cricket players foot. This cricket shoe upper part is made with synthetic leather and its out sole is made with Textured and patterned out sole gives good support and maximizes stability and reactivity.

New Balance CK4030B4 Spike Cricket Shoes

New Balance has launched CK4030B4 Spike Cricket Shoes Model for professional and advanced level players. These cricket shoes made with full grain leather and shoe upper made with synthetic mesh which gives extra durability and flexibility in the shoe and it comes in Top 5 Cricket Spikes Shoes for 2019 . This New Balance Cricket Shoes features are Recessed 11 Spike configuration for durability and Mid foot support Strap. New Balance CK4030B4 Cricket Shoes gives better support and shock absorbing cushioning. The most important feature in this shoe is that is comes in combo means you can make this shoe spike as well as studs whenever you want. New balance provides studs pins along with this shoe so that you want this shoe half studs that’s why these shoes are too costly.

Payntr by Seven Spike Cricket Shoes

Payntr by Seven Spike Cricket Shoes is favorite cricket shoes for those players who loved M.S Dhoni. These shoes launched with M.S Dhoni signature Cricket shoes. Payntr by Seven Spike Cricket Shoes is high on durability, comfort and style, these shoes have high compression midsole for enhancing sturdiness and high abrasion spiked rubber outsole for long last and resistance. It also comes with PU upper for enhanced stability, flexibility and breathability on the ground along with traction outsole for enhanced comfort and grip on all surfaces. A complete package on the ground. You can see the signature of M.S Dhoni on the back side of these shoes.

Kookaburra KCS 2000 Spikes Cricket Shoes

Kookaburra has launched his KCS 2000 Spikes Cricket Shoes Model especially for advance level of cricket players. This cricket Shoes is lightweight, durable and stable design which increase the performance of fast bowler and fielders. In this Spike cricket shoes Kookaburra used advance technology for providing better stability and proper pressure to cricket players. This shoe upper part is made with mesh and Air Flow climate control & DuraFoam Mid sole which makes the shoe more durable and absorbs all shock. In the mid sole kookaburra used advance EVA technology which providing superb shock absorbency & comfort.

In the About blog we discussed about Top 5 Cricket Spikes Shoes for 2019, if you are cricket player and your first priority is cricket shoes then choose your favorite shoes according to your expectations and be aware  from fake products…

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