Why does cricketers prefer Indian cricket Bats?


In a country where single word cricket can make one’s mind blow and cricket match is the reason enough to make work. Cricket in India and manufacturing cricket equipment here is world’s famous stories.

Not only is the game of cricket famous, but being a part of this game the famous cricketers are often as famous as the superstars of Bollywood in India. Also, retired cricketers are considered as legends of this country. Where this game and players are famous, manufacturing the integral part of this game is also popular all around the world. In India there are so many homes to factories that produce thousands of cricket bats every day. Specialization of new techniques and tradition way of making cricket bats is an important thing which increases the demand of these cricket bats all around the world.  In spite all of these things brands are like Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Puma they don’t make their own brands, and the bat makers in India manufacture the bats for them, these big brands just put their logo and sell these products all around the world. These is the main reason that Indian companies are well known for its world famous cricket bats and famous international cricketers have been using our Indian crickets bats for years.

City of Cricket Bats- Meerut

The best bats in the world are made of Meerut city in India. It’s a great feeling to see international cricketers carrying made in India bats on the field. In India most of the cricket bat manufacturers export 80% of their products in other countries; they make bats for many international brands which are known as world famous brands.

Meerut manufacturers proudly enjoy the position of being the city where cricket bats are manufactured and known as best cricket manufacturing city in the world. This city has given country national cricket stars are like Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Murli vijay. People in India travel a long way to reach Meerut city to get their best customized cricket bats. Not only is this enthusiasm of the manufacturers also a reason, you cannot avoid cricket in India, everyone around you is playing this game and manufacturers products are getting sold where they are getting good business and profit at the same time.


Availability of Goods- As we discussed about Indian cricket bats are cricketer’s first choice, so availability of these bats in India is not a big concern for anyone. These days there are so many online sports companies are selling these products all over in India and as well as on other countries. They are providing currency options on their portals, ensures customers need, and give them the best services while transporting their orders.  A player can select the bat online and it will cost cheaper than offline purchase, as online stores tend to have fewer cost associated with their businesses and they can offer cheaper prices and best discounts. Also, when it comes to find an accurate bat for professional players online stores will offer guarantees on their bats so you can return it if the size or weight or any other thing is not according to your choice. A player can find a new bat at near sports store, their you can check the size, material, weight, feel and pick up features, then browse the same series online, so you’ll get exactly what you want and save money in the buying process.

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