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TOP 10 SS Cricket Bats PS

SS cricket bats are known as the best brands in Cricket Industries. SS cricket brand considered being one of the oldest brands in India which manufactures traditional and professional both type of cricket bats for cricket players. There are so many things to keep in mind when it comes to purchase the best cricket bat to enhance your playing skills and performance and when going for buying SS Cricket Bats all major factors are there to be keep in mind when bat is manufacturing by Craftsmen. There are end number of cricket bats are available but they all are different from each other, these bats are different by weight, shape, style, size, length and other features. Every player should choose a bat that best fits according to their weight wise, playing style and many more. Here, we will let you know more about Top 10 SS Cricket Bats in 2017.

SS Gladiator Cricket Bat

SS Ton Gladiator provides great power to hit the ball hard, balance for play-ability and the perfect impact on every shot. This cricket bat is designed by hand selected super grade 1 English willow which is best in quality, and handle of this bat has made by Sarawak combination cane. It will help to boost power while hitting and helps in shock absorption. The rounded edges are specially crafted to help aggressive players, so that they can hit every shot beyond the boundary.

This SS Ton Gladiator English Willow Cricket Bat is endorsed by players like Kieron Pollard, Kumar Sangakara, ShikharDhawan and Dinesh Karthik.

SS Maximus Cricket Bat

ss Maximus cricket bat

This SS maximus English willow cricket bat is the latest 2017 range of SS cricket bat, which is made by premium English willow quality. This bat is specially designed with scale grip feature which gives it extra comfort and control. Light in weight helps to provide excellent balance while playing the game. Specially designed by famous SS concave which give this bat an accurate edge. Handle of this bat has made by 9 canes Sarawak combination for shock absorption.

This series is endorsed by players like Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh.

SS Limited Edition Cricket Bat

ss Limited edition cricket bat

SS Limited Edition English Willow cricket bat is the professional’s first choice while selecting the best bat for the game. This cricket bat has made with super grade English willow. This bat will maximize your performance in all the conditions and formats which is sets of the game. This bat is comes with a huge oversized hybrid profile, excellent balance, substantial toe and the finest oval handle. This bat gives super rebound quality.

This series is endorsed by players like SauravGanguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Virendersehwag, V.V.S Laxman, Rager Binny, and Manoj Prabhakar.

SS Professional Cricket Bat

ss ton professional cricket bat

SS Professional English Willow cricket bat crafted with a unique angular nodule construction in the top hand, for the best control power it is combined with the proven rotational shape of the players grip on the bottom hand.  It is made by Top grade English Willow material. This bat is specially designed for consisting of unique shape which gives great balance and nice pick up. Bat is having New Contoured Edges, with this additional feature player will maximise their performance.

This series is endorsed by  Dwayne Bravo.

SS I Bat Cricket Bat


ss ibat cricket bat

This SS I bat English Willow cricket bat is manufactured for perfect balance mode, large profile and powerful hitting zone, carrying a huge extended sweet spot which increases the probability of boundaries and sixes. The edges of the blade are thick and concave which gives it more strength to respond to deliveries. This bat comes with a big-edged blade which is more resilient to high speed deliveries and SS’s I Bat is one such bat for higher shots.

This series is endorsed by Mahinder Singh Dhoni.

SS Ton 47 Cricket Bat

ss ton 47 cricket bat

This SS Ton English willow cricket bat is a high-quality cricket bat manufactured by known brand Sarren Sports Industries known as SS. This bat is specially made from hand selected naturally air dried English willow. The SS Ton 47 cricket bat is light in weight and durable. To give firm grip and excellent control, the handle of the SS ton 47 bat is made using nine pieces of cane. Be it a practice session or a competitive game, this Ton 47 English willow cricket bat will let your hit powerful strokes and shots with ease.

This series is endorsed by players like Mahinder Singh Dhoni, Dwayne Bravo, and Tilakratne Dilshan.

SS Heritage Cricket Bat

ss Heritage cricket bat

This bat has amazingly light pickup on such a huge profile. The hand crafted design provides optimum power to pick up ratio, specially crafted for beginner level player. The Beast comes with the dynamic power shaped face that can deliver explosive stroke play. SS Heritage English willow cricket bat has a huge sweet spot combined with extraordinary balance to the blade. This special series range has specially designed scale grip for the bat handle to provide control and comfort at the same time.

This series is endorsed by Kumar Sangakara.

SS Sir Richards Cricket Bat

ss sir richards cricket bat

This SS Sir Richards cricket bat manufactured with English Willow grade-3 material. Highly durable this bat gives great strength to the player to hit the ball with ease. The rounded faces which provide a refined direction power throughout the hitting zone.Handle of this bat has designed for shock absorption and driving power. If you are looking for thick edges which also gives you amazing pick up you can select this bat for your play.

This series is endorsed by Tilakratne Dilshan.

SS Orange Cricket Bat

ss orange cricket bat

SS Orange Cricket Bat is made from hand selected super grade English Willow. If you are looking for a decent grade 2 willows, we would recommend selecting this particular bat. After lot of knocking and quite a few net sessions this bat will be ready to play high in the match. It has clean straight 7 grains, well balance feature, and extremely light in weight, the bat is really light which moves sword. This bat is really good for players who like to pick a gap easily.

This series is endorsed by  Dwayne Bravo.

SS Premium Cricket Bat

ss Premium cricket bat

 This SS Premium English Willow cricket bat made to provide an accurate weight, balance and length according to the player’s height, which will help to build your excellent and personal style of play. Sweet spot which has given on this bat will assist you perfectly in your batting role. It’s very useful to play off side as well as in side and bat punch is too good to get immediate boundaries.

This series is endorsed by  Mahinder Singh Dhoni.

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