Top 5 Best Cricket Bats in 2017

TOP 5 Cricket Bats

In the world of cricket, bat plays an integral part of Cricket ever since their invention. There are so many other things exist when it comes to the best of performance but the key components of cricket are a cricket bat. Here, cricket bats have been transformed completely to meet the current requirement of fast paced batsman.

So, if you are looking to win the game you should go with top best cricket bat. In this article we will help you to select the best cricket bat according to the latest trend and technologies in 2017. These given bats are known as  top quality cricket bats, which will help you to practice well and hit high shots while playing the game.


SF Stanford Black Edition Cricket Bat

sf black edition cricket bat

This SF Black edition is superbly crafted English willow bat and specially designed for professional level players. English willow bat that comes with sweet spot and boundary hitting potential. These bats comes under finest quality bats and strictly limited there are few numbers of bat manufacturing companies are selling this top class bats all over the world.

Specification –

  • SF black edition cricket bat is crafted by only hand not machine made. It consists of unique shape which gives great balance and perfect pick up.
  • These big sweet spot are produced building confidence and emphasising stroke play while playing the game.
  • Power Drive Handle this Technique provides maximising durability and power transfer.
  • Grains- 8 to 15 grains
  • Weight- 2lb 5oz to 2lb 12oz (1050-1250) grams
  • Endorsed By- Eoin Morgin, Milinda Siriwardana, Tymal Mills, Gary Wilson, Daniel Vettori

SM Pintu King of Kings Cricket Bat

sm King of king cricket bat

This cricket bat is specially designed with extra thick edges to enhance the sweet spot and magnificent rebound technology. This bat is one of the best bats of SM Pintu’s premium cricket bats collections. This bat was crafted by the expert designer with the help of latest and unique technology.

Specification –

  • SM Pintu King of king’s bat is made with the perfect combination of hand made and traditional technology.
  • Handles big sweet spot which will affect the cricket bat will perform in different situation.
  • Rounded face provides a refined direction of power throughout the hitting zone.
  • Grains- 8 to 15 grains
  • Weight- 2lb 3oz to 2lb 10oz (1000-1200) grams
  • Endorsed By- Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh


MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat

mrf grand edition cricket bat

This bat is made by the highest grade English willow which provides optimum power to pick up ratio. This bat is specially designed for the all-round batsman who is comfortable on the front or back foot. For any shot or style this bat gives a perfect adapting strength to every player.  Bat is covering very thick edges to allow the batsman to throw fast hands at the ball.

Specification –

  • The best Grade 1 English Willow Cricket Bat
  • Hand crafted bat latest compression technology has given for best perfection
  • Specially designed for professional level player
  • Straight grains are available in this bat
  • Grains- Up to 14 Grains
  • Weight- 1lb 15oz to 2lb 14oz (900-1300) grams
  • Endorsed By- Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli


Spartan Msd 7 Limited Edition Cricket Bat

spartan msd 7 cricket bat

Best part of this Spartan MSD7 Limited Edition Cricket Bat is designed in conjunction with today’s most explosive batsman MS Dhoni. Cricketers who adore him and want to become like him will definitely want to add this bat in their cricket gear. The medium to high middle makes it the perfect choice for all-round stroke makers who favour playing straight at the beginning of their innings.

Specification –

  • The perfect balance and pick up combined with thick edges which create an abundance of power.
  • Grade 1 English willow cricket bat for enhancing cricketer’s skills
  • Beautifully balanced mid-range profile
  • Slightly square this is designed to increase the hitting surface area
  • Grains- Up to 16 Grains
  • Weight- 1lb 15oz to 2lb 14oz (900-1300) grams
  • Endorsed By- MS Dhoni

New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bat

new balance TC1200 cricket-bat

This cricket bat is specially designed for professional level players and manufactured with highest English Willow materials. It is equipped with large sweet spot and big edges which give better and effective playing area this bat comes is superior in quality as compared to all other brands. Players will get a big swell and extended sweet spot, they will find how to stroke the ball to the boundary with greater regularity.

Specification –

  • This bat will suit all kinds of cricketers as it offers a mid-swell for those players who like to hit huge boundaries
  • Currently in the market it will be very difficult for cricketers to find such a quality bat with great size anywhere in India
  • This bat has an awesome strength to attack and this is the most advanced and comprehensive range of cricket bat
  • This fantastic piece of cricket bat is extremely comfortable in the hands of any batsman while hitting the bigger shots
  • Grains- Up to 14 Grains
  • Weight- 1lb 15oz to 2lb 14oz (900-1300) grams
  • Endorsed By- David Miller, Joe Root

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