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Here we comes Back with new blog, Which Type Of Wood Is Used To Make Cricket Bat. The bat is generally produced using willow wood, explicitly from an assortment of White Willow called Cricket Bat Willow (Salix alba var. caerulea), treated with crude (unboiled) linseed oil, which has a defensive capacity.

Willow’s the primary constituent (utilized for the cutting edge), with stick in its handle. Up to 10% of material other than stick can likewise be utilized for the last mentioned. Hypothetically different sorts of wood other than willow could be utilized (the MCC Law covering bat measurements and organization states just that bats must be made of wood), however practically speaking the utilization of different woods is restricted to specific parts of the world, (for example, northern and western India, where teak or saal wood is utilized).

Lets discussed About Which Type Of Wood Is Used To Make Cricket Bat

There are 3 types of woods used to make a good cricket bat.

Selected willow – These type of bats can be used just for regular street cricket. These bats are used by children and some elders who play cricket in streets just for fun.

English willow The finest wood which is used for making a cricket bat. This wood is the strongest, smoothest and produces a perfect sound when it releases a shot from it’s touch. The most costly bats are made with the English willow and this bat is used all over the world by cricketers who officially play for their country, state, city etc. Most of English willow bat are light weight and perfectly shaped and their biggest benefit is that there’s a really less need of knocking to this bat. They are pretty solid and even if you don’t knock, you can still use them for playing as they are pre- knocked. But i still suggest that how hard it doesn’t matter, you should knock it by yourself as well for making it more better and also be more confident about it’s solidness and life span.

Why English willow bat?
Generally, the top batsman preferred English willow bats although Kashmir willow bats are also famous for its quality and durability but English willow bats are much lighter, softer and have best grains quality than the Kashmir willow bats and that is the reason it is preferred by most of the toppers and experienced batsman around over the world. However English willow bats are expensive as compare to Kashmir willow bats.

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Kashmir willowKashmir wood has been known for it’s perfect sound and shape. These types of bat are cheaper than English willow. These can be used for a cricket match if you have it of a established and good company. It’s appropriate bat for newbie’s in cricket to practice with leather balls.

Why Kashmir willow bat?

Kashmir Willow are used in the production of bats as it is very tough and shock resistance, durable as well as very light in weight. That is the reason Kashmir willow bats are used by the professional cricket players.

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Popular Willow Popular willow bats as rightly stated in an answer is something which is used to make bats which are used for tennis ball cricket. Popular willow might be either the high grade English willow with 12+ grains or just a third or fourth grade bat with 4–6 grains. It depends on the cost the person is charging which will give a clear notion about where the bat will land of the above two categories.
Poplar willow tree is mostly exists in England,
It grows only in cold parts of country.
“Kookaburra bats” are made by use of popular willow

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Hence, In above section we discussed about Which Type Of Wood Is Used To Make Cricket Bat because wood is most important part to make cricket bats and every cricket players wants a good cricket bat which delivers good response. Before buying any cricket bat you must know which wood is used in cricket bat because now a day’s many sellers used Canadian willow instead of English willow due to their low budget they makes Canadian willow cricket bats and shows English willow that cricket bats are low quality cricket bats which exactly looks like English willow bats so, before buying any cricket bats be aware from fake seller always used scratch card to know about your bat you can see all brands gives one scratch code on bat with the helps  you can easily know about authenticity of your bats.

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